By the mid 1960s....


....greedy record companies were desperate to discover the next Beatles or Rolling Stones.


They scoured the UK and America, recording any kid who could hold a guitar. Thousands of bands cut discs, ended puberty, and promptly disappeared. A lot of the music wasn't pretty, but goddam it was powerful, raw and exciting.


They called it "garage rock".


The government got scared, and impounded every last garage rock record it could find, stashed them in a huge unmarked container, and dumped it offshore near the Marianas Trench. That was the end of that - until now.......

Birth of The Psychedelic Mushrooms

The individual members of The Psychedelic Mushrooms were the only inhabitants of a remote Pacific atoll called Pyschedelia - turn left at Gilligan's Island and follow the atomic testing sites for about 800 miles, you can't miss it.


The modern world had completely bypassed this tiny speck of land. They had no TV, no radio, no telephones, or any other means of contact with the outside world.


They spent their days in this untouched paradise gathering coconuts and bananas, plaiting each others hair, training their monkey butlers and playing Hungry Hungry Hippos.


But this was all to change when one day they discovered, washed up on the beach after a tropical storm, the stash of - you guessed it - that confiscated vinyl from the 1960s.

For the next 20 years, The Psychedelic Mushrooms completely absorbed that music, learning every note, every chorus, every wild guitar solo, every "Oooh baby!" Like a plant takes air, The Psychedelic Mushrooms sucked that glorious sound in though their very pores. Although completely illiterate, they even learned how to spell - say it with me, "G-L-O-R-I-A" - yeah!!