It’s rock and roll, Jim, but not as you know it.


The Psychedelic Mushrooms play mid-1960s style “garage rock”.

While bands like The Monkees, The Easybeats and The Who were hitting the big-time, thousands of small one-hit-wonder groups weren't. If they were lucky, they put out a single or two, then disappeared forever. The music was simple, fun and energetic, driven by can’t-keep-still beats and irresistible hooks.

The Psychedelic Mushrooms mine this rich shaft of (mostly) unknown musical gold. They hit the stage hard with guitar, bass and drums, sweet sixties harmonies, and one sing-a-long chorus after another.


Are you sitting down? Yeah, not for long!

You may not have heard of a lot of our favourite bands, but we guarantee you’ll dig it, and you'll be dancing and singing along after the first chorus.

The Psychedelic Mushrooms travel the globe to present to you, dear listener, the greatest sixties garage rock and roll show of your life.

Behold these tunes in all their three-chord,"Louie Louie"-second-verse-same-as-the-first-knuckle-dragging splendour. Fast guitars, pounding beats, and wailing choruses you'll scream along with - and dance, dance, DANCE!

 The Psychedelic Mushrooms are

re-creating a past you never had. 

Dig it!